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365: Day 12

Day 12: Donut shop

Bought a fresh donut at this small shop near Rancho Cordova in Sacramento. The owner is a woman from Cambodia.

365 Day 11

Day 11: At Grandma’s House

Visited grandma on my dad’s side today. She prays daily to what I believe is the Buddhist deity Guanyin.

365 Day 10

Day 10: Comforts of Home

One of my aunts made this Chinese-style rice porridge, or juk/jook. Topped with green onions and white pepper.

365 Day 9

Day 9: Through the Fog

Drove back up to northern California. Hit heavy fog on the grapevine, and could barely see through the fog. I believe they closed the road after we passed through — saw CHP driving on the opposite lanes.

365 Day 8

Day 8: Key Lime Pie

A final dessert at our last ship dinner.

365 Day 7

Day 7: On the Bridge

View from the bridge of our cruise ship, the Mariner of the Seas. I wish I had my telephoto lens — there’s some cute details including a hula girl and fuzzy dice. Can you make them out?

365 Day 6

Day 6: Lazy Day on the Beach

Spent a slow day at the beach. Bird, Ninja Turtle kite, beach resort, Puerto Vallarta.

365 Day 5

Day 5: Port at Mazatlán

View of the Mazatlán harbor from the ship at sunset.

365 Day 4

Day 4: Under the Sea

I borrowed friends’ underwater Canon PowerShot D10 to take some photos while snorkeling around Pelican Beach in Cabo San Lucas. I’m pretty sure the coral was bleached (no color; fauna dead!) and tourist boats kept throwing food into the water to attract the possibly non-native fish. It’s no Hanauma Bay, but it was still enjoyable in its own way. I’m rusty when it comes to identifying the fish — any guesses? Top left looks like some sort of butterfly fish, bottom right looks like a type of damselfish.

365 Day 3

Day 3: Ice on Water

We spent our first full day at sea and caught an ice skating (ice dancing?) show on the cruise: Ice Under the Big Top. Circus themed — it was fun, except for the clowns. It took me ages to pick a favorite from my shots. My Nikon gets finicky in colored lights (a nightmare for color correction), but I like this dancer’s costume, expression and motion.